Your Website's Creative Brief

A great website starts with a great plan! To streamline some of this planning process, I've created an online creative brief below for you to fill out, to ensure that I've got plenty of details before we get started. Throughout the process I will often need information and input from you. This will include your written content, your imagery, your thoughts and opinions on the layout of the site, the navigation, the design look and feel of the site etc. You'll be kept in the loop the whole way through, which does involve a little work on your behalf but it will all be worth it in the long run! It’s an exciting process! 

Please fill out the brief below so that we can get started!
If we've already covered some of the details i.e. pricing, deadline, etc.
please feel free to write N/A in the text box.

Please make sure to read my terms & conditions here before proceeding.

The Important Details

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Thanks for the dets! Hang tight, I'll be in touch very soon to let you know what happens next.

Your Invoicing Details -

Please pop your details below so that we know who to make any future invoices out to.
And d
on't worry, we assure you that any details we take will be kept fully confidential and are for invoicing purposes only.

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Thanks for the dets! Looking forward to working together!


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